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  1. Have we ever seen the world as it is – so called reality? Every time I look around, the images of the surrounding world connect immediately with the invisible world that lives inside my own thoughts. I observe and at the same time I feel, I remember, I compare and reflect. I call this process Inner Vision.

    Inner Vision is a term that I use to describe the way my artworks are being created and presented. Artworks created using my own inner vision tell about the world seen through dreams, thoughts, illusions, fantasies and memories. Personal attitude and personal feelings change the visible reality, and even simple everyday things become something different when viewed through imagination.

    Working both indoors and outdoors I use the surrounding space to create a place, where exhibited objects and installations are united in common entity. Almost all my works are site-specific and they are designed to provoke feelings, associations and let the viewers get in touch with their own inner reality. I encourage visitors to look at the artworks through their own inner vision.

    Simple things that people see around them every day – furniture, fabrics, threads of yarn, materials like broken glass, piles of sand, sawdust, rocks, metal pipes, building bricks, painted wood – are often used in my objects and installations. These simple materials can create sensitive compositions and provoke response.

    Performance elements are sometimes used in my work to emphasize the presence of a person. Human figure, as a real person in the middle of an installation or even just a photographic image of a person, is a powerful tool that can be used to give the feeling of action, motion, rituals and transformation.

    The shapes and compositions of my works tend to be simplified until they become as clear and expressive as a logo – a sign that contains the essence of something bigger and more spacious. Thus by telling about my personal unstable and changing unreality I hope to be able to capture a bit of the truth about the Great Constant Reality.